Our Services

Our consultants specialize in specific industry sectors, thereby ensuring that we have the technical knowledge and in-depth understanding to serve our clients’ needs tailored across a diverse range of industries. With our capability to access large pools of mid-senior level talent, our professional research team screens for the best possible match to clients’ requirements in a timely manner. Our integrated sourcing strategy covers extensive channels in print advertisements, online job portals, candidate referrals, consultant networks, as well as company databases. SPRINGER’s specialist divisions include Banking & Finance, Insurance, Information Technology, and Retail & FMCG.

SPRINGER Provides a broad range of services, from Recruitment, Outsourcing, and Payroll services.



Our recruitment team is formed by experienced consultants in their specialized fields. Through the years, we have built up a strong database, networks and industry knowledge in Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Insurance, and Retail & FMCG sectors. Our professional assessment and selection methods enable us to provide effective end-to-end recruitment services for our clients and candidates through the following stages: job definition, awareness, advertising, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, reference checks, offer negotiation, and onboarding. This enables us to deliver the most successful, turn-key outcomes to our clients and candidates.



As your business partner, we are committed to provide swift, professional, cost-effective, and secure services.

The advantages of choosing SPRINGER Payroll:

  • Personalized Service – We assign a dedicated and experienced payroll administrator who works with you on every step of the process.
  • Swiftness and Expertise – We provide responsive results and feedback who are specialized in their field. Effectively the tasks can be completed with better quality and responsiveness.
  • Reduce overhead costs – By removing the need of dedicated labor, Payroll software, and other support functions.
  • Time Earned – SPRINGER Outsourcing is the supporting process that gives organization more time to strengthen their effort on other core business processes.
  • Minimize risks and stress – We maintain the system and relieve the headaches of the recruitment process.
  • Secure payroll processing in a built-in secure environment by our team of experts.



SPRINGER is ready to provide you with large volume project recruitment in a limited time frame for new store/office/ranch/center openings, relocation, and business launch.

Committed Team Support — We have a dedicated team leader that is with you every step of the way and will manage all matters on your behalf, from sourcing to screening and selection.

Strategic sourcing strategy — We understand the time is a scarce resource for clients, hence our consulting team stands by ready to discuss and advise on the appropriate strategy and channels for effective talent sourcing.

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